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Saturday, November 19, 2005


When I saw this movie advertised as starring one of my favorite British actors (Clive Owen, "Croupier") and TV star Jennifer Aniston ("Friends"), I figured I had to check it out. After all, it is like mixing oil and water: Owen is one of the best in the UK and Aniston? Well, she spent ten years on a silly sitcom but I have to admit I liked her in "The Good Girl" (2002) and in one of my all time favorite cult flicks, "Office Space" (1999).

"Derailed" is a good mystery with a lot of action and plenty of twists and turns in the plot to hold your interest during its 100 minute running time. Never mind that it is one of the most preposterous stories that you will ever see. You're at the movies to be entertained, not to watch a boring reality experience and this one fits the bill. Isn't that what Hollywood is all about?

Owen plays Charles Schine, a man with a lot on his mind. His daughter is ill, he has just been canned by one of his biggest accounts at the advertising agency where he works, and although he has just met the sultry Lucinda (Aniston) on a commuter train, his troubles are just beginning. What those troubles are I will let you find out by going to this film but, rest assured, Charles is in for a wild ride.

Caution: When you see "Derailed" don't expect another "Citizen Kane" and don't talk to strangers on commuter trains! Owen and Aniston work together about as well as can be expected and Vincent Cassel is convincing as a bad guy. This one is rated "R" for violence, language, and a small amount of sexual action. JM

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